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also traded as
W Howard Smith Ltd.
W H Smith & Sons Limited


Proprietary Limited from June 1964

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Funnel - early Handbook Funnel - traditional



581 gross tons. Passenger-cargo vessel built by W Walker at Deptford for Howard Smith, Melbourne. 1886 sold to Tasmanian S N Co, Hobart. 1891 taken over by Union SS Co of New Zealand. 1896 sold to S Iwata of Japan and renamed Iwai Maru. Wrecked at Kinkosan 12th June 1897
left side image either Tasmanian SN Co or W H Smith ownership, both concerns having same funnel livery
right side image as art in Union SS Co livery as painted by A C Green, Melbourne
Both images now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcards and larger prints. Click image for details



525 gross tons, 283 net. Lbd: 150'7" x 25'6" x 15'1". Steel twin screw steamship built by the Caledonian Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Preston for the Illawarra & South Coast S N Co. Held a twin compounded engine producing 250 ihp. Built for their passenger trade but during her delivery voyage she was beached at Port Albert off the Gippsland coastline, Victoria on February 16th, 1907. Sustained bottom damage, repaired and placed on the Clyde River run until 1912 when sold to the Commonwealth Government, and renamed Stuart. They operated her out of Darwin, Northern Territory, in what capacity remains unknown, however she was found too costly to run and sold in 1913 to Australian Steamships Pty Ltd (Howard Smith). She was renamed back to Moruya and employed along Queensland coast. Her run extended to Gladstone in 1914. Sold to Cam & Son, Sydney in 1936 who in turn sold her in 1938 to Mollers Towage, Shanghai. Renamed Jessie Moller, she was captured by the Japanese in December 1941, only to be returned to owners at the end of hostilities. 1949 was abandoned to her underwriters after suffering severe damage
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



1901 purchased from Thomson, Morrow & Jackson, Melbourne and converted to lighter, 1917 sank after collision with the steamship Northumberland at Townsville, 1920 raised and sold to Rooneys Ltd, Townsville. No real information available about this vessel, her origins etc. As she was a lighter with Howard Smith her status here is neglible
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



1,349 gross tons. Lb: 220'7" x 36'2". (67.3 x 11 metres) Steel hull, twin screw steamship, passenger-cargo. Triple expansion engine making 11.5 knots. Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Linthouse Glasgow for Howard Smith Co Ltd, Melbourne. Designed for the feeder passenger service from Townsville to the northern Queensland ports. She was found to be of too deep a draught for some of the river ports as scheduled ports of call. She was chartered to AUSN to operate their Townsville/Cairns feeder service to that Company's main trunk line route from Townsville to Melbourne. AUSN then placed one of their ships on the intended "Mourilyan" route. After that charter she saw sevice Melbourne to Warnambool, then variously in Queensland before being sold to the Northern Steamship Co, a New Zealand concern in 1923, and renamed Matangi. Sold to another New Zealand Company, the Anchor Line (Anchor Shipping & Foundry Co, Nelson) in 1929. Unfit for further service she was laid up in 1950. Partially dismantled in 1952, hull left in tow 4 March 1957 for scrapping at Hong Kong
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



1068 gross tons. Lbd: 215' x 36'5" x 13'. (65.7 x 11.2 metres). Steel single screw cargo ship, diesel engine built by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen for North Coast S N Co, Sydney as the Wyangarie. Service speed 12 knots. Specificially designed for the Northern Rivers, Richmond River in particular, New South Wales trade to Sydney. Her sisterships were Nimbin and Wyrallah (11). Made her last voyage on 9 March 1954 for her first owners and then later in 1954 sold to Howard Smith Ltd. Renamed Mourilyan, 1963 sold to Cia. de Transporte Robin, Panama. At this juncture she is listed as owned by Kie Hock Sg Co and probably managed by J Manners, Hong Kong with Panama as flag of registry. SInce and for same owner renamed successively 1963 Tong Leong, 1964 Rita, 1965 Baringo, 1967 Fagaras. August 1976 scrapping began at Hong Kong
image seen here as the Wyangarie. Better image pending



1892 purchased from A & J. Johnson, Hobart, 1908 ashore at Great Palm Island near Townsville, salvaged and sold to J. Mitchell, Townsville. No real information about this vessel available. Seems to be a small craft, quite possibly used as a lighter-coal barge
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



*within 1974-79 managed for Bulkships*

12,586 gross tons, 5,388 net. 16,786 dwt. Lb: 164.34 x 20.4 x 11.89 metres. Built as an ore carrier at BHP Whyalla shipyard, South Australia as the Wollongong for Bulkships Ltd., Melbourne. Five Cylinder 2SA Doxford oil engine as manufatured by Commonwealth Government Engine Works, Port Melbourne (Fisherman's Bend) 4,193 kilowatts, (5700 bhp) and service speed = 13 knots. crew - 45. 1968 tranferred to ASP-Bulkships Ltd. Serviced the ore trade between Whyalla - Port Kembla- Newcastle. Laid up February 1972 until December 1972. Resumed ore trade, usual ports of call until December 1973 when sold to AFP Pty Ltd., Melbourne, a subsidiary of Alcoa Australia, and delivered 10 January 1974. Upon sale was chartered back to Bulkships until 28 May 1974 being renamed Myarra and worked the Kwinana - Point Henry, Geelong Alumina run. Manned and managed by ASP, later management transferred to Howard Smith Ltd. 31 March 1979 laid up at Hobart. 2nd May 1980 renamed Iron Myarra, after being bareboat chartered by BHP Co Ltd., from Alcoa Australia. 7th May 1982 re-delivered, name reverted to Myarra. 10th July 1983 laid up at Sydney. September 1983 sold to Ga Loy Marine Inc., Honduras and renamed Yarra with registry at Puerto Cortes. Scrapping at China began 20th October 1983
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



655 gross tons. Lb: 180 x 29'1". (54 x 9 metres) ON132448 Cargo vessel built by Smith's Dock Co Ltd at South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesborough Britain for Australian Steamships Ltd (Howard Smith), Melbourne. Single screw, triple expansion engine. Machinery aft. Also rigged for sail power via two masts. Serviced as a collier on the regular Newcastle - Sydney route. Underwent a refit January 1919. 2nd April 1919 sank after coal cargo shifted in heavy swells driven by 30mph winds near Long Reef, off Sydney Heads New South Wales. Four crew lost. Wrecksite found 1994 off Curl Curl Sydney. See http://www.michaelmcfadyenscuba.info/viewpage.php?page_id=8/" M McFadyen's website for a detailed history and underwater images. A good dive for the very experienced
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



12,718 gross tons, 19.990 dwt. Lb: 170.6 x 22 metres. Oil tanker, built by Verolme, Alblasserdam as the Forest Town for W H Muller & Co., Rotterdam. 1971-2 purchased by Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd and renamed Nancy Heath. 1982 sold renamed Golden Heath for Cridani Cia Naviera SA, Panama. Scrapped at Kaohsiung June 1982
image courtesy Richard Matterson at Shipping Datatbase



146 gross tons. 1901 chartered from Einerson & Brown, Sydney, 1909 sold to A. Jolley, Adelaide. NOT the vessel of Western S N Co Victoria
No image available. Still looking



733 gross tons. Lbd: 213'2" x 30'5" x 16'7". Passenger ship built by A Leslie & Co, Hebburn Quay, Tyne for McMeckan, Blackwood & Co., Melbourne. 2 cylinders, 120 horsepower engine as well as sail capacity. Her lower masts were made of iron, hollow and were used as innovative funnels for the cooking stoves aboard. She also boasted a lifting screw, for times when she could be utilised as a pure sailing ship. On her delivery voyage carried the cable for the first telegraph link between Melbourne and Tasmania, and helped to lay it. Worked the Melbourne - Adelaide trade until 1866 when placed on market. Unsold she was given extensive refit including extra deck increasing passenger accomodation and tonnage increased to 821 gross. Worked the Tasman trade and included voyages north to Northern Territory with supplies of men and equipment for the overland telegraph. As a steamer she made her final trip to New Zealand April 1879 then sold. 1880 owned by Nipper & See. September 1880 William Howard Smith took acquisition and reduced her in 1881 to a 4 masted sailing ship carrying coals and timbers. Since mid 1890's was reduced to a coal hulk eventually being run ashore Fremantle 1901
upper left image at Roper River, upper right as an oil painting by A V Gregory after W H Smith had her converted into sail only - now available here as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



954 gross tons. Lb: 71.9 x 11.7 metres. Single screw. 12 knots. Diesel engine. Oil tanker. Builder - N.V.Nieuwe Noord Nederlandse Schips, Groningen for Dilmun Navigation Co., London. Registered Fiji. Supposedly purchased by Howard Smith Industries from Dilmun Navigation Co., London, more likely 'managed'. 1996 sold to Singapore interests. 2003 renamed Island Spirit scrapped at Nansha China August 2004
image wanted



1,384 gross tons, 1237 net, 2174 dwt. Lb: 75 x 12.5 metres. Oil tanker, built by Sonderborg Skibsvaerft A/S, Sonderborg as the Vitta Theresa. Under what owners is unknown however was under Danish flag. Single screw. Diesel engine. Service speed 12.5 knots. 1989 of Dilmun Navigation Co., London and renamed Pacific Mariner. Supposedly purchased by Howard Smith Industries from Dilmun Navigation Co., London. More likely 'managed'. 1996 sold to Singapore 2003 owned by Space Mariner Inc. Mongolia and renamed Alisa. 2005 renamed Miranda-DV by Tranzit Sever Vostok Co. Ltd. as owners. Russian flag. Still in service
image wanted



668 gross tons. Lb: 64 x 10.7 metres. Oil tanker, built by N.V. Nieuwe Noord Nederlandse Scheepswerven, Groningen for Dilmun Navigation Co., London. 1989 purchased? from Dilmun Navigation Co., London. 1995 sold to Pacific Navigation Co., S A Panama renamed Golfa II. Under Mexico flag. Managers - Bunkers de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Still in service
image wanted



1,594 gross tons, 1963 dwt. Lb: 80 x 13.3 metres. Single screw. Diesel engine. 12.5 knots. Oil tanker, built Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd., Mihara for Dilmun Navigation Co. Ltd., Suva. MacDonald Hamilton & Co. Pty. Ltd as managers. 1989 purchased? from Dilmun Navigation Co., London. 1996 sold to Singapore interests. 2003 renamed Rover. November 2012 scrapped at Jiangyin
image wanted



493 gross tons, 724 dwt. Lb: 45.1 x 9.8 metres. Oil tanker, built by Sing Koon Seng, Singapore as the Papaun Enterprise for unknown owners. twin screws, diesel engine. 12 knots. 1983 renamed Pacific Shell by new owners Dilmun Navigation Co., London. 1989 purchased? from Dilmun Navigation Co., London, 1990 sold to Pacific Tankship Pty, Port Moresby renamed Pactara. Still in service

image wanted



4839 gross tons, 7303 dwt. Lb: 114.5 x 18.2 metres. Oil tanker, built by Towa, Shimonoseki as the Brage Trader for unknown and flew the Netherlands Antilles flag. Single screw. Diesel engine. 11.5 knots. 1990 sold to K/S Blankvann, Hovik renamed Blankvann. Flew Panamian flag. 1992 purchased by Dilmun Navigation Co., London, renamed Pacific Spirit. At this juncture possibly managed by Howard Smith Industires. Vessel flew the Fijian flag. 2004 renamed Little Lady flying the Panamian flag for Maltese owners. 2005 renamed Sunbright for unknown owners under Panama registration. 2010 renamed Zunxia NG. 2014 renamed Perkasa Hiu. 2018 - still in service
image wanted



970 gross tons, 1644 dwt. Lb: 70.1 x 11.7 metres. Oil tanker IDNo: 7218917 Builder: Nieuwe Noord Nederlandse Scheepswerven N.V., Groningen for Dilmun Navigation Co, London. Single screw, diesel engine. Speed - 10.5 knots. Fiji flag. 1989 supposedly purchased by Howard Smith Industries, probably managed. 1995 transferred to Bulk Transportation Pty, Port Moresby renamed Petro Trader. 1998 of China Mutual Inc. renamed Micronesian Sunrise under Belize flag. 2006 of PT Miki Shipping, Indonesia . Renamed Blue Sky. March 2012 scrapped at Indonesia
image wanted/div>



676 gross tons. Oil tanker built by De Waal at Zaltbommel for (probably) Dilmun Navigation Co., London under British registry. 1989 purchased/leased/managed? by Howard Smith Industries. 1993 scuttled off Fiji
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Advert postcard
Peregrine 1907



1660 gross tons, 803 net. Lbd: 280' x 37'7" x 16'2'. Iron hulled steamship built by W B Thomson & Co., Dundee for General Steam Navigation Co Ltd., London as a passenger vessel. Triple expansion engine = 450 nautical horsepower. Serice speed 16 knots. December 1891 purchased by W Howard Smith & Sons Ltd., Melbourne. 1901 owner name change to Howard Smith Limited. 1906 Lengthened to 97.6m, 1980 gross tons. 1913 Owner renamed as Australian Steamships Pty Limited. Smith employed this vessel on most of his Australian coastal passenger services extending from Fremantle to the east coast. Peregrine was most popularly known and patronised by the eastern population, being a regular steamship from Melbourne to various Queensland ports. 1916 sold to Moller & Co., Shanghai however she was taken over by the British Shipping Controller for War duties. Stranded December 29-30 aground at Longsand Head England. 92 passengers and crew were rescued by the lifeboat James Stevens No.14 (ON432) Seems she lay there until taken to Germany 1922 where she was scrapped
image as a watercolour now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



2785 gross tons. Lb: 100.7 x 13.8 metres. Steel, single screw cargo only steamship built by Raylton Dixon, Middlesborough for Howard Smith Co Ltd, Melbourne. Triple expansion engine 10 knots. 1946 sold to W R Carpenter & Co, Hong Kong. 1947 sold to Tung An Shipping Co renamed Tung Ziang. 1950 sold to Chinese Government, renamed successively Pacifico. 1952 Ho Ping 4. 1967 Zhan Dou. Deleted from register 1970's
image on Hobsons Bay Port Melbourne now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



*1988-96 managed for Alcoa*

23262 gross tons. 36634 dwt. Lb: 184 x 28.03 metres. Bulk carrier, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Ulsan for Alcoa of Australia Ltd. Designed for the carriage of Alumina from Alcoa's refineries in Western Australia to their smelting plants at Geelong & Portland Victoria as well as other east coast ports of call. Managed by Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd. 1996 transferred to Intercontinental Ship Management Pty Ltd, Sydney. 2006 Managed by ASP. 2015 laid up, crew forceably removed and replaced by foreign (non-Australian Union Personnel) persons and sailed/ sold to/for Singapore based owners and renamed UK Sea. April 2016 scrapped at Gadani Beach or Singapore
both images 2015 at Portland Victoria. Modern 6x4 postcards and larger prints pending



186 gross tons, 118 net. Lbd: 125'7" x 20'3" x 6'7". Double ended paddle steamer built as the 'Natone' at Morts Dock & Engineering Co Ltd, Balmain, Sydney for the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Hobart. Held 2 cylinder steam engine of 45hp. Rigged as a 2 masted schooner and registered at Launceston. Serviced the Tamar River in a tender capacity to the Melbourne - Launceston steamers, meeting same at the mouth of the Tamar river. Could carry up to 800 passengers on excursion runs. Sold October 1885 to unknown interests at Sydney. February 1886 owned by the Southport Steam Ship Co Ltd, Brisbane. Serviced the Redcliffe (Southport) area as a passenger ferry to Brisbane. December 1890 sold to John D Campbell & Robert Philp. December 1890 owners were Robert & J D Philp. February 1900 sold to Michael Walsh, Melbourne. July 1900 renamed Queen, working out of Port Phillip Bay Victoria. August 1807 owned by Victorian Ferries Pty Ltd. 1909 owned by Messrs Baillieu. 1910 owned by G Ritchie, Goolwa South Australia. February 1911 purchased by Howard Smith & Co, Melbourne and converted into a lighter/hulk for service in Townsville. Converted to hulk. 1928 laid up, sold to S M Hopkins, 1930 as a breakwater at Dunk Island. Register finally closed November 1930. Mentioned here as a hulk for reference and recognition of her former status
upper left image as paddle steamer on the Murray, Goolwa early career
upper right image as Natone taken Brisbane River (Kangaroo Point) 1894 now available here as a modern 6x4 inch postcard or larger print. click image for details



268 gross tons. 1912 purchased from C F Rischbieth, Adelaide. So little known of this vessel. Her size indicates a river steamer, perhaps the South Australian gulf trader. As Howard Smith was based in Melbourne and likely she worked Melbourne Geelong and possibly the Port Albert service. 1931 sold to Stacey & Williams, Sydney. scrap merchants. No further records known
image on Hobsons Bay by A C Green now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



*1944-47 managed for the Australian Government*

5,020 gross tons. 2,897 net. Lbd: 449'2" x 56'8" x 24'8". Built by Evans Deakin & Co Ltd, Brisbane for the Australian Government (Australian Department of Supply & Shipping) with Howard Smith Ltd appointed managers. October 1947 transferred to the Australian Shipping Board. January 1957 transferred to he Australian National Line. April 1959 - sold to Interstate Steamships Pty Ltd., Australia (Scott Fell & Co) and renamed Echunga. Sold 1961 to Heilgers (Eastern) Hong Kong renamed North Point. 1962 driven aground at East Brothers Island Hong Kong during Typhoon 'Wanda." Refloated, declared a total loss and scrapping at Hong Kong commenced later that year
image courtesy of State Library Victoria



*1944-47 managed for the Australian Government*

4,982 gross tons. 2,689 net. Lbd: 449'2" x 56'8" x 24'7". (137x17.3 m) Built at BHP shipyard Whyalla, South Australia for the Australian Government with Howard Smith Ltd as managers. October 1947 transferred to the Australian Shipping Board. March 1957 transferred to the Australia National Line. Sold Oct 1960 to Hang Fung Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd, Hong Kong, and was renamed Bai Feng. Then sold through Manners Navigation Co Ltd. in January 1963 to Kawasaki Dockyard Co. Ltd for demolition at Tsuneishi
image courtesy Mattmar Marine



37,675 gross tons, 67059 dwt. Lbd: 785' x 108' x 43'. (239.3 x 32.3 metres) Oil tanker. Constructed similar in specifications to the "Amanda Miller". Built by Evans Deakin in Brisbane for the R.W. Miller and Co., completed 1974. Single screw, diesel engine. 16.5 knots. Completion had been delayed due to a number of floodings in the Brisbane River. She actually broke her moorings and went adrift on the Brisbane River, only to rescued by the local tugboats and secured safely. Her main engines were computer controlled from the bridge. Crew of 37 seamen, including the officers. Both "Robert Miller" and "Amanda Miller" had luxury accommodation for their crews. Each seaman had his own room, which was carpeted and had air conditioning, refrigerator, toilet and shower. 1980 taken over by Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd, Melbournealong with R W Miller Ltd's holdings. Sold 1987 to Amberpoint Shipping Co., Malta, part of the "Revay" shipping group, renamed Regent Star. 1988 renamed Lisa. 1989 owned by SPEI Leasing SpA renamed Onda Azzurra under Italian flag. 1997 owned by Arundel Shipping Ltd, Malta and renamed Edovia. Scrapping began at Chittagong 9th April 2000
image courtesy Mattmar Marine



1,119 gross tons, 915 net. Lbd: 239'8" x 30'2" x 21'3". Iron steamship, passenger-cargo as built by Potter at Liverpool England for W H Smith & Partners, Melbourne (Melbourne Steamship Co Ltd).

Compounded engine - 150 horsepower designed by J Jack & Co. Intended for and placed upon the Australian intercolonial trade. 1883 under full ownership of W Howard Smith & Sons Ltd, registered Sydney. Here then she saw a continual trade on the east coast taking in various Queensland ports, later serving most of the ports of call under this ownership. 6-7 October 1894, whilst on her first and only journey to Western Australia, she was wrecked on Pollock Reef, 45nm S Cape Arid, South East Island, Western Australia
both topside watercolour images now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcards and larger prints. Click photo for details
lower right image real photo at Queensland courtesy State Library of Queensland



753 gross tons. Paddle steamer. 1884 purchased from Union SS Co of New Zealand. (Records of Union S S Co do not show this vessel under their ownership) 1889 scrapped
image wanted



4,226 gross tons, 5579 dwt. Lb: 100.1 x 16.5 metres. Speed 13 knots. Single screw, diesel engine. Bulk carrier. Built by Carrington Slipways Pty Ltd, Tomago Newcastle. 1986 managed by Howard Smith Industries for Intercontinental Shipping Pty Ltd, Sydney. 1996 transferred to Intercontinental Ship Management Pty Ltd. IDNo: 8508929. Australian flag. 1998 owned by Mainstream Shipping Ltd. renamed Hakula. Intercontinental Ship Management Pty Ltd remained Managers. Employed as a container vessel, still in operation servicing Port Kembla, Risdon and Devonport as known. August 2014 scrapped at Alang
image courtesy Mattmar Marine



3,297 gross tons. Lb: 106.7 x 14.2 metres. Steel hulled steamship, cargo only and built as the Baltistan by Gray at West Hartlepool for Anglo-Algerian Steamship Co (1896) Ltd (Strick), Swansea, England. Single screw, triple expansion engine. 12 knots. 1912 purchased from F. C. Strick & Co., London renamed Saros. 25 December 1937 wrecked in fog at Cape Everard, Victoria
upper left image on Hobsons Bay Melbourne now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details
upper right image stranded upon Cape Everard, Victoria courtesy State Library Victoria



411 gross tons. Lb: 142'5" x 25'1" (43.4 x 7.7 metres). Cargo collier steamship built by Scott Bowling, Bowling for W Robertson, Glasgow. Single screw. Compounded engine. 1902 owned by R Byrnes, Sydney New South Wales. 1918 owned by R G Cowlishaw, Sydney. 1920 purchased by Australian Steamships Pty Ltd (Howard Smith) 1935 sold to A Auland, Sydney and renamed Dellie. 1937 transferred to Aulco Pty Ltd, Sydney. Wrecked off Cook Is and beached on Fingal Head 24th August 1941
image on Hobsons Bay Melbourne now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



6,895 gross tons, 9939 dwt. Lb: 119.6 x 19.2 metres. Single screw. Diesel engine. Speed - 13. knots. Oil tanker, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Shimonoseki for NYK Stolt Shipholding Inc. registered in Australia and managed by Howard Smith Industries, Melbourne. 1996 mangement transferred to Stolt N Y K (Australia) Pty Ltd. 2006 under NYK Stolt Tankers S.A. renamed Stolt Acacia. Operating under Cayman Islands registry. May 2011 scrapped at Alang
better image pending



21,187 gross tons, 9327 net, 33374 dwt. Lb: 174.9 x 28.1 metres. Speed 15 knots. Oil tanker, ordered as the 'Tara' launched without any name and completed as 'Taiko' by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Nagasaki for Union Steamship, New Zealand Ltd, which became Union Shipping Ltd in a bold move away from the the long defunct 'steam' title and coal powered 'steam' vessels (probably about 35 years too late). 1994 managed by Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd. Employed carrying 'black oil' (bitumen) on the various New Zealand coastal ports of call. 1996 chartered to Coastal Tankers Ltd., Wellington. Coastal Tankers were actually a management group on behalf of four oil consortiums. 1999 charter expired and vessel purchased by the 'four oil consortium' (Shell Mobil Caltex and B P) with Coastal Tankers Limited and Silver Fern Shipping Ltd both as management group. Her official owners were recorded as Penagree 2 limited. Coastal Tankers wound up operations 1st October 2000 and Silver Fern Shipping assumed total management. 2007 renamed Atlantia as owned by Golden Lucky Ltd. S.A. , Panama. August 2012 scrapped at Alang
better image pending



954 gross tons. Lbd: 207'2" x 34'1" x 13'1" (61 x 10.4 metres). Single screw, diesel engine. B&W oil 4SA 6cy 900bhp. 10 knots. Built by W Denny & Bros., Dumbarton for AUSN Co, Sydney. Her port of registry was Bundaberg, the hub of sugar transport and she was considered the 'sweetest' ship in the fleet. Capable of limited passenger capacity, she worked the Maryborough, Townsville and Brisbane ports. Sold February 1948 and delivered 5th March 1948 to Imperial Chemicals Industries of Australia and New Zealand Ltd. Renamed Taranui, she was placed on the coast running explosives. Managed by Howard Smith Ltd on behalf of ICI. 1963 sold to South Pacific Co., Suva Fiji. 1971 sold to Cia de Naviera Louise S A Panama (Ednasa Co) and renamed Locolina. 1978 of Straits Chartering and renamed Kah Wah. 1978 renamed Pattana, regisered Suva Fiji. Deleted from Lloyds registry 1988
image taken 24 January 1949 at Melbourne when owned by ICI now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details

TIME (1)


2,575 gross tons. Lb: 91.4 x 12.5 metres. Steel steamship, triple expansion engine. Built by Tyne Iron at Willington Quay for W Howard Smith & Sons Pty Ltd, Sydney. As a cargo vessel, serviced the Australian coast. 13 January 1911 wrecked 7 nautical miles from Beachport, South Australia
1905 image loading-salt at Edithburgh jetty now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details

TIME (2)


3,322 gross tons. Lb: 103 x 14.7 metres. Cargo steamship built by Priestman at Southwick for Australian Steamships Ltd (Howard Smith), Melbourne in replacing previous vessel same name. Single screw, quadruple expansion engine making 12 knots. Serviced the Australian coast . Wrecked on Corsair Rock at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, Victoria on August 23, 1949. Her remains stood there for many years but finally disintegrated by 1960
upper left image postcard of the era - pending better real photo image
upper right image as art (gouache) titled 'In a Bass Strait gale 1913' by Oswald Brett now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



Tanker. 23,547 gross tons, 32605 dwt. Lb: 182.4 x 26.8 metres. Oil tanker built as the Australian Spirit by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki for BP Australia Ltd., and managed by ASP Shipping. Single screw. Diesel engine. 14.5 knots. 1987 sold to Seabird Ltd, Wellington, renamed Toanui. 1994 - 1996 managed by Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd. 1999 renamed Lorenza. 2000 renamed Andoas. 2012 renamed Ando. May 2012 scrapped at Chittagong
better image pending



156 gross tons. Paddle Steamer. 1865 purchased from Fulton & Robinson, Melbourne. 1868 sold to J Taylor, Sydney. So little known of this vessel. 1870 saw a paddle steamer named 'Trio' wrecked on Seal Rocks, near Forster and Bulladela New South Wales. Seems likely it is this vessel and she was employed carrying timber to Sydney
image wanted



1,455 gross tons. Lb: 79.3 x 10.1 metres. Passenger-cargo steamship built by Day Summers at Northam for Union S S Co Ltd, Southampton. Single screw, steel hull. Triple expansion engine. Ran from New Zealand to South Africa. 1895 purchased, name retained. Serviced Melbourne - Queensland ports. 1915 sold to Kyodo Kisen, Japan renamed Kyodo Maru No.16. Destroyed by fire 36.00N/122.00E 14 November 1938
upper left image courtesy State Library of Queensland
upper right image as a watercolour by A C Green, Melbourne now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



5717 gross tons, 6666 dwt. Lb: 97.9 x 19.5 metres. Purpose bulk carrier built by Ube Dockyard, Japan for Howard Smith Industries Pty Ltd, Melbourne. Single screw. Diesel engine. Service speed 13.5 knots. 1994 sold to Coal Operations Australia Ltd, Sydney. 2002 sold to Security Pacific Australia Ltd. & others (Mainstream Shipping Pty. Ltd) renamed Ikuna. Registered Tonga. May 2011 scrapped at Alang
better image pending



518 gross tons. Lb: 165 x 27 feet. (50.4 x 7.4 metres) Single screw. Compounded engine 2 cylinders. Cargo Steamship as designed by James Pollock, London (Project No 88) in 1898. Launched: Monday, 19 June 1899. Built, completed 1899 by Murdoch & Murray Port Glasgow. Yard No 165. Owner History: Newcastle Wallsend Coal Co, Sydney New South Wales. 1905 Chartered to Burns Philp & Co, Sydney. 1913 sold to E & O Warburton, Sydney New South Wales. 1920 Australian Steamships Pty (Howard Smith), Sydney. Hulked 1934. Scuttled off Sydney Heads 07 February 1935
image (P02929) courtesy Wollongong City Library



124 gross tons, 74 net. Lbd: 100'6" x 17'6" x 9'9". Iron hulled steamship built by William Pimm, Hull for H C Cheesewright & W T Miskin, registered London. ON32479 Compounded engine, 30 horsepower. 1853 of Pegler & Co acting as trustees for the NSW Coal & Intercolonial S N Co. She ran from Sydney to Morpeth until that owner dissolved under a welter of accusations of improper business practices by 'some' of the directors. 1854 owned by J C Rossiter & Partners. Sydney. November 1854 ran regularly from Sydney - Maryborough - and Port Curtis (modern day Gladstone) in a passenger-cargo capacity. Found unprofitable, she was sent to Tasmania under the banner of Eastern Steam Navigation Co, operating locally. In January 1856, rescued crew from brigantine 'Catherine' wrecked off Goose Island Bass Strait, taking then to Hobart. Sold February 1856 to Wright & Thomson, registered Hobart. They went bankrupt in attempting to establish a regular Tasmanian coastal steamer service. May 1858 sold to Andrew MacDowell, Hobart. 23 October 1858 arrived Sydney from Port of Melbourne with approx 80 passengers and 20 crew. Burthen 74 tons under Captain Lovett. June 1859 jointly purchased by Howard Smith and Partners and placed upon the Melbourne - Geelong service with runs to Port Albert and the western districts of Victoria in direct competition with S G Henty's vessels. August 1861 Smith's share sold to S B Skinner & others, Melbourne. W H Smith set out for England with a view to purchasing larger vessels for the Australian trade. July 1862 of A Kerr and Partners. March 1863 of W Simpson and Partners. July 1863 owned by T Jenner and Partners, registered Dunedin. later 1863 owned by J B Godfrey (Oamaru). 1867 owned by R B Martin. February 4 1868 wrecked, driven ashore at Timaru New Zealand with the loss of one life
image taken at New Zealand now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



583 gross tons, 474 net. Built by John Scott Russell, London as the Kieff. 1863 purchased from Imperial British Government by A G Robinson & W H Smith renamed You Yangs and registered in London. 1864 J L Burke added as part-owner and these three partners under the trading title 'Melbourne Steam Ship Company' ran her from Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle New South Wales. November 1869 under Melbourne registry. Sustained a refit in 1871 with tonnage increased to 672 gross, 457 net and dimensions of 185'2" x 27'9" x 15' as well extra passenger capacity. October 1883 owned by W Howard Smith & Sons Limited. 12th June 1890 wrecked on a reef near Pelorous Island, South Australia
left side image in her original rig courtesy State Library Victoria
right side image A C Green artwork now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details



407 tons. Length 145 feet. (Lb: 44.2 x 7.3 metres). ON128809. Steel single screw steamship, built as the Teeswood by Harkess, Middlesborough Great Britain, in 1910 for Meteor Steamship Co Ltd (Constantine & Donking), Middlesborough. Single screw, compounded engine. 1912 owned by Sydney Coal Co, registered March at Sydney. 1920 purchased by W H Smith. 1929 sold to H P Stacey, Sydney. Ended her days in the ‘disposal area’ off Sydney, 14 November 1932
image now available as a modern 6x4 inch postcard and larger print. Click photo for details

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Port Adelaide
cargo vessel c1910
Brisbane New Farm Wharf
Mourilyan in view, possibly Burwah or Time and Cooma
New Farm Wharf probably passenger ship ss Canberra
Yarra River
left berth - Cooma or Bombala



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