NEW SOUTH WALES Coastal Timber Trade

All were involved in the timber trade in NEW SOUTH WALES
and at some stage, rivals to the larger North Coast steam Navigation Company. Ultimately they all succumbed to that shipping concern's ownership

H DOEPEL of Bellingen
F DOEPEL of Urunga
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BELLINGER 240 tons. Lbd: 128' x 28'7" x 7'2". Wooden twin screw steamship of 33 horsepower built by D Sullivan, Coopernook for H Doepel. Wrecked upon the MacLeay River bar 1918
DOEPEL 389 tons. Lbd: 145' x 33' x 9'2". Wooden twin screw steamer, built at Woy Woy, NSW, 1919 for H Doepel. Machinery from the wrecked Bellinger was used in her construction. Presumed sold to North Coast S N Co., since 1919. Sold to New Guinea interests in 1947 and renamed Batang. Registered Singapore 1954. Believed foundered off Kutching


Registered Sydney. Began in 1904 after dissolution of timber trade partnership with Allen Taylor that commenced in 1900-01. Together they had the Hastings which A Taylor retained. With knowledge of the timber industry along the Hastings River, and seeing the need for a passenger service, Nicholas Cain took opportunity. Prospered until 1929 when the wreck of his vessel Pappinbarra in September of that year forced him into liquidation
Note: During the partnership from 1900-04 as 'Cain & Taylor', records show the ships Croki, Narooma and Tuncurry built during this timespan as under Allen Taylor's name only. Some records state 'Allen Taylor & Co' however such a business name was yet to exist. Listed are the definites of Nicholas Cain before and since 1904
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KEMPSEY image as Tathra - postcard from the era
WAUCHOPE (04966r) image shown aground at Port Macquarie 1908 courtesy State Library New South Wales
HASTINGS 193 gross tons. Lbd: 117'9" x 24'5" x 7'4". Wooden steamship of limited passenger capacity built by D Sullivan of Coopernook New South Wales for Allen Taylor, Sydney. 1904 sold to N Cain. Since owned briefly by North Coast S N Co until sold to John Burke Ltd., Brisbane. Renamed Gundiah. Last known to have ended her days in Tasmanian waters
PYRMONT 215 gross tons, 80 net. Lbd: 122'6" x 25' x 8'1". Wooden steamer built by D Sullivan, Coopernook, New South Wales for Allen Taylor, R M Anderson and N Cain, registered Sydney. Compounded engine of 35 horsepower. Fitted to carry passengers. Sold 1904 to North Coast Steam Navigation Co., Sydney. Acquired by Burns-Philp & Co., Sydney 1910 and renamed Mindoro. Wrecked near Dedele, New Guinea April 1913
WAUCHOPE 269 gross tons, 162 net. Lbd: 127'5" x 25'5" x 9'2". Twin screw wooden steamship, of limited passenger capacity as built by D Sullivan at Coopernook New South Wales for N Cain's Coastal Co-Operative Steamship Co Ltd., Sydney. Compounded engine making 43 horsepower. 1910 sold Stephenson & Gunn of King Island and registered at Launceston Tasmania. 1911 to King Island Steamers Ltd, a subsidiary of William Holyman & Sons. Whilst anchored at the quarantine station, Portsea, Port Phillip Bay, after several explosions, destroyed by fire on the 1st of August 1919. Petrol and bottles of acetylene gas added to the inferno. She drifted toward Sorrento and went aground 200 yards from the shore, a total loss
KEMPSEY 483 gross tons, 193 net. Lbd: 170'3" x 27'1" x 9'4". Steel twin screw steamship built by Scotts of Kinghorn Scotland for N Cain's Coastal Co-Operative Steamship Co Ltd. Coal fired twin triple expansion engines making about 12 knots. Passenger accomodation for 68 and boasted 'electric light'. She was placed upon the MacLeay River in direct competition to North Coast S N Co., causing fierce rivalry. After only six months this vessel was found to be quite unsuitable to the river trade and, in a deal struck with North Coast S N Co, was withdrawn from that route and subsequently sold. Her purchasers were the Illawarra & South Coast S N Co., Sydney in April 1908. Renamed Tathra she worked the southern reaches of coastal New South Wales, only to be found unsuitable in her duties. She was chartered out to the Kerr Bros, Vila New Hebrides late 1911 only to be lost after capsizing in a Gale off Ambryn Island near the New Hebrides on the 4th January 1912. Of the 24 souls aboard there were no survivors
TRILBY Timber carrying cargo steamship. Broke shaft and towed back to Port Macquarie June 5th 1903. Captain Gray had certificate suspended. Supposedly sold to A E Ellis in 1901

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MACQUARIE (04969r) image courtesy State Library New South Wales
BELBOWRIE image (P10647) courtesy Wollongong City Library
MANAWATU image (b38411) courtesy State Library Victoria
MACQUARIE 493 gross tons. Lbd: 160'2" x 29'1" x 9'. Steel twin screw steamship built at Hull, England for N Cain. Sold 1929 to North Coast S N Co., Sydney as this concern's last remaining vessel, along with the service and goodwill. Ran the Port MacQuarie route until sold again in 1929 to A G Palser of Sydney and registered at Wellington, New Zealand. 1935 was owned by On Chong & Co Ltd., (Sydney). Purchased by W R Carpenter & Co., date unknown who since, in 1937 sold to her to N E A Moller registered Shanghai and renamed Marie Moller. Employed as a salvage vessel. Captured by Japanese forces off Ningpo on December 8th 1941, her fate since unknown
BALLENGARRA 221 gross tons, 98 net. Lbd: 126'8" x 27' x 7'2". Wooden twin screw steamship built Manning River for this concern. Of 2 masts with compounded engine of 16 horsepower. Fate unknown
BELBOWRIE 218 gross tons. Lbd: 123'2" x 29' x 8'3". ( 37 metres long) Wooden twin screw steamship built at the yards of R. Davis at Blackwall, Woy Woy, Brisbane Water on the New South Wales Central Coast. Completed under the management of W. Davis and J. Cameron. Built for J. Weston, the vessel was powered by two 2 cylinder steam engines manufactured by Mort's Dock and Engineering Co Ltd, Balmain. Sold 1914 to Coastal Shipping Co-operative Co Ltd., Sydney. Sold 1915 to the Coffs Harbour Co-operative Steam Ship Co Ltd. In 1918 the Belbowrie's list of owners grew when she was purchased by Bell and Frazer Ltd and in the early 1920s ownership changed again to Kirsten and Earnshaw Ltd (New Zealand interests that perhaps didn't finalise the purchase) Sold again in 1923 or 24 to Shoalhaven Steam Ship Co Ltd. In 1928 she was again sold to A. Auland and about 1932 onto Aulco Pty Ltd of Bond Street, Sydney. The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping of 1937 gives the owner again as A. Auland (presumably associated with Aulco P/L). Wrecked on rocks at Green Point, South Maroubra, NSW, near the Long Bay rifle range, 16 January 1939. The lifeboat was smashed, but a lifebelt was floated ashore over the reef, then securely held, while the ten crew made their way to safety hand over hand although the fireman was injured when leaving the wreck
PAPPINBARRA 518 gross tons. Lbd: 153' x 34'6" x 9'6". Steel twin screw steamship of 70 horsepower as built at Glasgow for this concern. Traded as a cargo vessel until wrecked at Port Stephens New South Wales during September 1929. The demise of this vessel caused this concern to go into liquidation
MANAWATU 183 gross tons, 112 net. Lbd: 128'8" x 18'7" x 9'5". Iron paddlesteamer built by Henry Niccol, North Shore Auckland, New Zealand. Originally part of New Zealand based Black Diamond Line fleet taken over by Union S S Co of New Zealand in 1885. Rebuilt in 1882 as a composite hull screw steamship with compounded engine producing 38 horsepower. 1898 sank in a collison in Hobsons Bay Victoria, refloated and purchased from Union SS Co., 1899 by Howard Smith & Sons Ltd., Melbourne. October 1903 owned by E Mountjoy, Lorne Victoria. February 1904 owned by Coastal Steamships Co Ltd. September 1912 owned by Gippsland Steamers Pty Ltd. 1915 owned by J H Edwards of Hobart. September 1916 owned again by Gippsland Steamers Pty Ltd. 1918 owned by Charles P Preston. 1918 owned by F G Wilson. Built as a passenger cargo vessel although employed by Howard Smith as a lighter/tender in Queensland. Worked the Gippsland Lakes area for Gippsland Steamers Pty Ltd., Melbourne. Her fate is recorded with closure of register 1929 stating 'dismantled and abandoned off Williamstown Victoria'

Owned a sawmill on the Richmond River, preferring his own ships to carry his timber to Sydney. Sold out to North Coast S N Co in 1898
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ST GEORGE at background with Terara in front (04834r) image courtesy State Library New South Wales
KEYSTONE 11 tons. Lbd: 42'2" x 8'9" x 4'3". Wooden side wheel paddle steamer equiped with 2 masts and making just 6 horsepower, and built at Balmain Sydney for W G Yeager. Demolished at Richmond River, New South Wales Decemeber 1890
OAKLAND 398 gross tons. Lbd: 154' x 24' x 10'5". Steel steamship producing 70 horsepower as built by Murray Brothers, Dumbarton, Glasgow for William Yeager of Sydney 1890. Sold to North Coast S.N. Co., in 1898. May 1903 wrecked on Cabbage Tree Island, off Port Stephens, New South Wales during a heavy gale. cargo shifted sank with loss of 11 lives, survivors were picked up by the Bellinger
ST GEORGE 515 gross tons, 288 net. Lbd: 161' x 25'5" x 12'7". Steel steamship built by J L Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland England for the St George Steamship Co, Liverpool, England as a passenger vessel. Sold April 1898 to W Yeager registered at Sydney. November 1898 acquired by North Coast S N Co., Sydney and worked the north coast run of New South Wales. Sold to Loo Tom Fin, Island Merchant of Sydney and traded from December 1915 to South Pacific Islands. Records state she ran aground about june 1920 and rumoured to have been hulked circa 1930 but no water-tight evidence is known
WYOMING 258 gross tons. Lbd: 132' x 23' x 10'3". Wooden steamship of 30 horsepower built at Brisbane Water, New South Wales for W G yeager. Sold mid 1898 to North Coast S N Co. Sold 1908 to unknown owners. 10th October 1911 wrecked upon Kiola Beach


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